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Client Testimonials
"I've never read a program that was so packed with such detailed real world real estate information and powerful real estate investing strategies."
- Jack Monahan, NE

"Within 30 days after reading The Secrets I purchased my first property for 50% below market value. I was able to buy the property for no money down and I even got back $15,122.68 at closing!"
- Michael Hamilton, NJ

"I've tried every program on the market and yours is the only one that actually helped me locate a great foreclosure deal and the money to purchase my first property."
- Joseph Gregory, PA

"I read your website about five times before I finally decided to order. The reason why I was so hesitant is because no other real estate program had ever worked for me and I didn't want to waste my money again. To make a long story short, within 1 week after reading your program, I followed exactly what you said and quickly located three great deals. I made $4,900 on one property, $7,700 on the other, and $9,500 on the third. Everything worked exactly like you said. Thanks for turning me into a professional real estate investor."
- Kevin T. Cline, NY

"Within two months after reading your program I went from having only the money in my pocket and bad credit to making $10,000 on one real estate deal!"
- Marjory Bride, TX

"I always thought that you needed a lot of money to get started, but that is not true. You have given me all the tools necessary to run this business without ever having to read another real estate program."
- Frank Harris, TN

"Your course is a no-nonsense, straight to the point guide that a 7th grader could understand and apply in real life situations. "
- Robert Allen, NJ

"Was I skeptical at first? Yes, I was. But when I started reading your program it just made plain sense. I can only imagine where I would be if I started using your techniques years ago!"
- Timothy Rotchford, FL

"Purchasing 'The Secrets' has been the absolute best investment in my life! In just 2 months using your techniques I have purchased 2 houses with a net profit potential of $30,000.00."
- George Smart, CA

"I've attended a lot of seminars of these so-called real-estate gurus who only touch on a few things that your course covers in full!"
- Brad Irwin, RI

"I was always interested in making money in real estate by flipping properties but I just didn't have the knowledge to do so... your system has shown me how!"
- Henry Richardson, FL

"Those interested in buying foreclosure properties at discount would do well to investigate the opportunities and advice in The Secrets of Real Estate Acquisition and Funding"
- William Paterson, NJ

"I have ordered real estate investing courses before but they were always too complicated. Your program is straight to the point and I can actually understand it!"
- Peter Johnson, OH

"This is an excellent step by step course on investing in distressed property, especially for pre-foreclosures."
- Kevin Davis, AZ

"You have taken the seemingly difficult, and made it easy enough for anyone to understand. I really feel confident that with your principals applied, I can realize my dream of being in Real Estate, a dream that I've had a long, long time!"
- Matthew Brenner, GA

"I've been completely glued to your course since I ordered it last Friday. After many discouraging encounters with so called 'gurus', I am totally impressed and refreshed at how precise and concise your course really is. You have cut through all the BS and have given strictly 'meat & potatoes' concepts without all the unnecessary overkill."
- Cindy Meyers, SC

"My wife bought your course for me, and I must admit, it is the best I have seen so far! You make it extremely easy to understand. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks."
- Timothy Jacobs, CA

Investor Software

The Secrets of Real Estate Acquisition & Funding

Discover How Easy It Is To Profit From The Most Powerful
Wealth-Building Investment On Earth... Real Estate!

[A message from the President of Hyland Financial Group]
Dear Friend and Colleague,

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a successful home business of your own? A business you could operate in your spare-time with the potential to bring in thousands of dollars each week.

One that could give you a lifetime of financial security and peace of mind. This is the lifestyle you could be enjoying right this very minute as a successful real estate investor.

Every year there are thousands of new investors using real estate to turn their dreams into an exciting reality. They're already experiencing the lifestyle of the future, earning a full-time income while working only a few hours a week in the comfort of their own home.

Many are creating huge personal fortunes and enjoying more leisure time while doing it. Now You can use these same easy strategies to generate a large and consistent cash-flow! Simply by following a step-by-step formula and using techniques that have been proven effective, you can achieve investment success.

Real Knowledge from Experience...

I began investing in real estate over 25 years ago. What I lacked in experience, education and investment capital I made up for in pure determination. I researched thoroughly and read everything I could get my hands on about real estate investing. After many months of planning, I set out to buy my first property.

At first I remember being terrified. I was dealing with larger sums of money than anything I'd ever seen before. But incredibly, I had gone from earning $14,000 a year to an annual income of $63,000. I also acquired four more properties giving me a net worth of more than $382,000... and all this in a little less than 18 months time.

As I refined and improved on these methods my assets quickly multiplied. I developed a consistent and reliable system for taking large profits from properties... quickly and easily!

I decided to outline the formulas which I worked so hard to develop. I laid-out these strategies in a simple, straightforward Blueprint for Success making them easy to understand and follow.

Never before have so many powerful, low-risk, high return techniques been available in one complete source. And now these amazing wealth-building methods are available to you... for your own use and profit.

"The Secrets Of Real Estate Acquisition And Funding" provides everything you need to start making money immediately! You'll be armed with an arsenal of ready-to-use income and asset-building strategies that will guarantee your success.

This incredible program gives you a behind the scenes look at the little-known and fascinating workings of professional real estate investors. It's an insider's view of a business and methods that have created enormous wealth for it's practitioners. Take a look at some of what you'll receive:

  • How to buy income property using "No-Money-Down" methods.
  • A complete guide to buying foreclosure properties at a fraction of their value!
  • How to "cash-out" at closing and put thousands of dollars in your pocket each time you buy property, without selling.
  • "Lease-purchase options"... investing without cash.
  • How to locate and buy distressed properties at 1/2 their market value.
  • How to double your own assets every year.
  • How to create a lifetime income, virtually tax-free, so you'll never have to worry about money again!
  • You'll learn how to set up your own Money Brokering business and build a $100,000 a year income right in the comfort of your own home.
  • Learn the insider secrets of professional mortgage brokers and how to use it to your own advantage.
  • Discover the One Secret of investing success that will make you Rich!
  • You'll receive a complete glossary of real estate and financing terms and their uses that will make you the recognized professional... and so much more!

Now you can enjoy the luxuries that true financial independence brings. A chance to be your own boss... set your own hours... own your own home and even retire in less than 10 years. You can do it by following a proven, step-by-step system used by professional investors to make millions of dollars every year!

This is an opportunity to join a select group of individuals who have already made the decision to start living life on their own terms.

Our Patrons Say It Best

Here are just a couple of the letters we've received from people just like yourself, who are already using this incredible program to generate a lifetime income and security for themselves and their families.

These are real comments from real people. Take a look at what they have to say.

"Thank you for your book. The information in it is extremely helpful. I have already purchased two (2) HUD Repo's this year and it's only been three months since I received your book. I greatly appreciate all the help and useful information you have given me. I'm looking forward to an exciting new and successful career investing in real estate. Thanks so much, I couldn't have done it without you."

Mike Johnson
San Bernadino, CA

"I recently ordered your book. Thank you a million times and more. I have been looking for this type of clear cut information about real estate investing for years. My financial future for myself and family were at my wits end. Now both my adult children and I have something we can work on together... and this my friend really works.

I have purchased so many other books on real estate investing that turned out to be more profitable for the publisher than for me than I care to admit. Your book is such a reasonable price and contains so much needed, useful information that I have already told several of my friends about it. Again, you have my deepest appreciation and gratitude.

Beverly Frazier
Marietta, GA

No other business provides the security and explosive returns that real estate offers. If achieving personal wealth and financial freedom is important to you, then now is the time to take total control of your life and your finances.

If you're not making enough money to live the way you want, then it's time to change the way you make money! Don't let this opportunity to achieve the wealth and success that you deserve pass you by. You owe it to yourself to find out what the "Secrets of Real Estate Acquisition and Funding" can do for you and start building your financial future... Today!

If you've ever seriously wished you could own your own successful home business, one where you call the shots and set your own income, then this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. You only need to decide where you want to be in a year from now.

Will you still be in the same job, working for someone else... trying to make ends meet?

Or will you be on the road to new found wealth and financial freedom? The choice is yours. Don't miss out on this incredible lifetime opportunity. Act Now to secure your financial future today!

". . . .more money has been made in the
acquisition of Real Estate than in all
industrial investments combined . . ."



Raymond R. Walkoczy
Hyland Financial Group, LLC

P.S. Learn how you can start earning a six figure income in your spare-time. Take the first step to making big profits and a lifetime of Financial Independence.

I'm so sure that this incredible program will work for you, It's backed by a Risk-Free 90 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee! Don't Wait... Order Now and you'll also receive an Incredible Double Bonus Package (A $189.00 Value) - Absolutely FREE! This is a Limited Time Offer... So you must act quickly!

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