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Mortgage Notes and Settlements

We Purchase Mortgage Notes and Settlements

Hyland Financial Group buys and sells Real Estate Contracts, Mortgages and Deeds of Trust nationwide. We also convert payments received from all manner of Structured Settlements into cash. Below is a partial list of instruments that we purchase.

First Mortgages Second Mortgages
Purchase Money Mortgages Contracts For Sale
Contracts For Deed Wrap-Around Mortgages
First and Second Deeds Of Trust Real Estate Lien Notes
Lease Purchase Agreements Land Contracts
Structured Settlements Annuities
Business Notes Injury Settlements
Divorce Settlements Court Judgements
Pensions Lottery Winnings

If you are interested in selling a receivable but have been disappointed by substantially discounted offers, perhaps you have not been presented with the appropriate program type that fits your needs. There are many alternatives to an outright purchase of your receivable. Below is a list of some different programs and a brief description of each.

Full Purchase:

The purchase of a receivable in its entirety.  

Partial Purchase:

The purchase of immediate installments with the seller retaining the remaining installments and/or balloon payment.  

Reverse Partial:

The purchase of future installments allowing seller to continue receiving immediate installments for a specified period of time.  

Split Disbursement Partial:

The purchase of a portion of each installment for a specified time and amount with seller receiving remainder of each installment.  

Multiple Stage Payout:

The purchase of a receivable by a guaranteed staged payout of proceeds equal or exceeding the principal balance.  

Simultaneous Purchase:

The purchase of a seller-financed receivable occuring simultaneously with the sale of real property.  

Multiple Cash Flow:

The purchase of up to 50% of the cash flow created by multiple receivables held by a single seller.  

Short Life Yield:

A method of calculating a higher buy price on long-term, Grade A receivables, utilizing an assumed 10 year balloon payment.  

If you are interested in receiving an offer for your receivable, please choose the appropriate receivable type from below and enter the information in the form that is provided. We will promptly contact you to discuss the different options that you have for payment. We look forward to assisting you in any way possible.

Click here for AnnuitiesAnnuities
Click here for Automobile NotesAutomobile Notes
Click here for Business NotesBusiness Notes
Click here for Land NotesLand Notes
Click here for Lottery NotesLottery Notes
Click here for Mobile Home NotesMobile Home Notes
Click here for Real Estate NotesReal Estate Notes
Click here for Structured SettlementsStructured Settlements
Click here for Other Type NotesOther Type Notes

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