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Small Business Finance

Financing Working Capital

Growth demands new working capital to finance larger inventories, to meet larger payrolls, and to make it possible to grant credit or increase its availability. This program has been created for the specific purpose of supplying working capital for small business owners.

The essential ingredient to success in every business is maintaining a cash-flow. In fact, cash flow management is often more important to success than the ability to manufacture a product or generate a sale. Any firm can lose a customer without irreparable damage, but a cash flow gap can put you out of business.

Not sure if you need Working Capital? Take a minute to answer these five questions...

1. Do you have aging trade receivables, delinquent up to four months?
2. Do you need immediate cash when you invoice other businesses to whom you give credit?
3. Do you want to generate working capital out of your existing assets/equipment without disturbing them?
4. Do you plan to purchase capital equipment in the near future and to conserve working capital at the same time?
5. Will accelerating the accounts receivable turnover benefit your bottom line?

If your answer to any of the above questions is "yes", then our services should be invaluable to you. Hyland Financial Group, LLC can help you find answers to each of the above five questions.

To learn more about Receivable Financing, please click Here.

Remember, cash is essential for achieving the profit potential of your business. A dollar held in the form of accounts receivable cannot be reinvested profitably until you convert it back into cash. Receivables are necessary parts of the cycle, but cash makes the cycle continuous. We can act to provide this cash.

Three methods contained within our Small Business Finance program for acquiring working capital quickly and conveniently are listed below. Please take a moment to review the specific plans.

The Asset-Buy Sell Plan
The Spot Factoring Plan
The "Signature" Loan Plan

If your company does business with other firms and you are interested in financing your operational capital with one of these plans, please fill out and submit the Working Capital Application. After we receive this general information, we will contact you to discuss your financing options and start the process of matching you with the appropriate investor for your situation. We look forward to helping you acquire the funds you need.

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